Since our opening, we have become masters of our craft, Born out of our personal journies through menopause and previous injuries, we were determined to find releif to our symptoms other than going to the GP and be given a prescription ....After countless years of pain killers, HRT, anti depressants and so forth, medication and operations, we then turned to alternative medicine, an alternative that everyone was raving about in the  EU and USA, but still in its infants stages in the UK.

"CBD" , what seemed to be our last resort, has become a successful remedy for many people and ourselves....Our symptoms such as Aches and Pains, Hot Flushes, Anxiety & Brain Fog, Palpitations, insomnia,Weight Gain, Low Sex Drive,Depression, sciatica. fibromalgia, IBS, Skin Rosacea,improved with this oil.

Mention Cannabis and people will say "drugs" and this is how the general public are; "uneducated". So we are here to tell the tale of our journey and educate family, friends, clients and people, of the benefits of the cannabis plant (not the THC "the high").

All our oils were tested on our families, friends & clients whom were going through the same or similar symptoms, this enabled us to find the right strains to suit symptoms and explore other avenues, like our gourmet coffee- to bring some lifestyle changes too. "Our commitment and priority was to provide high quality CBD products, which are made from certified ingredients from the best CBD suppliers. The most important aspect by far is the CBD, it needs to come from licensed sources and be lab checked for concentration, so all labelling and expectations are correct. All our products are Sourced from the UK & EU GMP compliant and Dermalogically Tested. Our aim is to provide exceptional service and incomparable customer care, that keeps our community coming back again and again.

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"Hundreds of CBD products could be withdrawn from shelves next year after the food watchdog announced a crackdown on suppliers.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) today set a deadline of March 2021 for CBD manufacturers to prove their products are safe for human consumption, in a move that is expected to kill off a huge chunk of the industry because of the cost of conducting the necessary tests."


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