Our premium cleansing exfoliator is formulated to suit all skin types and conditions, a special blend of ingredients that work to clear away make up, bacteria, dead skin cells and debris, resulting in decongestant pores and hydrating smooth skin.

This natural fruit enzyme  that naturally remove dead skin.

Cellulose acetate scrub consists of small particles which perform microdermabrasion that work to soften the skin.

It contains natural skin-softener and soothing ingredient that gently and thoroughly cleanse  skin helping you stay focused, calm and creative.


Our CBD Cleanser uses a unique formulation to gently cleanse and  thoroughly remove skin pollutants and make up. Our products suit all skin types and some conditions.

  • hydrating
  • anti blemish
  • removes dead skin cells
  • cruelty free
  • vegan
  • anti irritant
  • anti inflammatory
  • gentle for all skin types and  rosacea.  eczema etc 

comes with luxury wash cloth.

Skin polishing cleanser

  • After receiving your item, you must contact us in 7 days...

    Item must be returned un opened.....food& skincare can not be returned

    or only if faulty skincare devices, this can be replaced but not refunded

  • included in price