Eye Serum
Applying Essential Oil
Repair Skin Oil
This is very cutting edge in skincare,
contains powerful alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that helps minimise lines and wrinkles. redness and enlarged pores (rosacea) thus encouraging  healthy cellular function, which in turn increases radiance. Increases skin hydration, reduces trans epidermal water loss and increases skin barrier funtion in even the driest of skin. Suitable for stressed, frazzled or fragile skin, this product is a game changer, it is super hydrating, reduces redness and sensitivity to climate, this will turn your skin around in just a few days. Infused with CBD leaf extract and can be used as a recovery for rosacea, eczema, dehydrated skin. A silky infused facial oil to re-energise your skin, suitable for anti ageing and perfect relief for skin conditions.
Incredible feedback from this product, truly amazing!!
Available in 30ml
Trial size 10ml
Calming Skin Oil
Consists of the most expensive and mostly prized balancing organic oils, it is light  and easily absorbed, ideal for congested. combinations skins, Contains Thistle oil which helps reduce pores size. Evening primrose oil which penetrates down into the skin which results in less prone to eczema and acne. Rosehip oil is anti inflammatory and anti oxidant, which performs superbly with the CBD leaf extract. Grapeseed oil is a skin moisturiser, vitamin E rich and jojoba oil which mimics the outer layer thus balancing oil and protecting from external elements.
This oil is best applied at night when skin cells regenerate at twice the rate.
This is next generation skin oil..
Available  in 30ml
Trial size 10ml

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