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"I get terrible anxiety & bone ache from menopause, plus i dont sleep at night,  but since using the CBD oil ive not touched a painkiller all week" and i sleep! Sue (Kenilworth)

CBD It's the most buzzed about beauty & health ingredient of the moment - and perhaps also the most poorly understood. The use of CBD in skincare and as a health care product is on the rise, and a long way from what was once considered a hippy ingredient.

Everyone is talking about it, the nation are using it for all sorts of symptoms, skincare, anxiety, skin conditions, menopause symptoms, pain relief, IBS to name a few....

There has been many fakes on the market, some with no content of CBD whatsoever, however as we see the licencing from March 2021, you will soon see less on the high street shelves, as licencing will enable you to rely on that what is on sale will be of good quality and from a legal and reliable licenced source.

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